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Frontier Aluminum Horse Trailers – Stout Construction, Abundant Features, Great Prices!

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Please note – Our first Frontiers arrived in early 2014, so as we type this revised introduction in the Fall of 2015, we’ve been selling the trailers for nearly two years.  We’ve been planning to update this section so it no longer reads as “New to Traveled Lane,” but frankly, we’ve been busy and the words haven’t always been coming easily, so we’re sticking with the “New to Traveled Lane” writeup until we do get the time to do a more complete revamp.    What we said when we took on Frontier still applies, plus we now have the experience of having sold the trailers for nearly two years.  In addition, they’ve introduced some interesting new models since we took them on.  We have updated a bit of text and added some information on the newer models.  With that introduction out of the way, please read on…;

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Frontier aluminum horse trailers to our lineup. The addition of Frontier is a homecoming of sorts. Here’s what we mean… For many years, we sold CargoPro aluminum-framed cargo trailers. CargoPro is owned by Alcom, the parent company of Frontier Trailers. Thanks to efficient production, CargoPro offered impressively built, high quality trailers at very reasonable prices. They sold very well for us until the economy tanked. At that point, our demand for cargo trailers diminished, so we let CargoPro go out of the rotation. (In case you’re wondering, Alcom, thanks to healthy sales of snowmobile and ATV trailers, continued to grow, even in a very soft economy. Alcom now offers several lines of trailers for work and sport.)

Fast forward to late 2013. Alcom called to see if we would be interested in hearing about their Frontier aluminum horse trailers. YES! We figured if Alcom followed the same formula of high quality & content at a moderate price, Frontier was going to be another winner. The trailers looked good on paper and in pictures. Now that we’ve actually seen the trailers (and have them in stock), we’re pleased to report that Alcom did their homework well. These Frontier trailers are impressive.


2+1 with Tack Room.  Versatile!  Click here to learn more!


Fast Track Side Unload.  Another versatile model!  Click here for more info!

How do they do it? Well, have you noticed how some brands advertise all over the place and their trailers are displayed prominently at the big shows? That heavy promotion costs money, and it runs up the cost of each trailer. Alcom puts their money into quality construction rather than advertising, which is why they can offer a high quality trailer at a low-to-mid range price. You won’t see many ads for their products, but you will see the results of their spending in the construction of your Frontier trailer. When it comes right down to it, isn’t that what really counts? Now that we’ve gotten the Alcom back story out of the way, let’s concentrate on the subject of this section, Frontier.

We tend to think of Frontier trailers as both new AND proven. How so? Well, as we prepare this initial writeup in early 2014, Frontier horse trailers have been on the market for about a year. The designs are fresh, but their horse-trailer-specific features have been tested in the real world. In addition, as you read the highlights of Frontier’s aluminum-tube frame construction a little farther down the page, keep in mind that THAT aspect of the trailers has been proven in Alcom’s work trailers for years. And that’s why we think of Frontier trailers as both new and proven.


Frontier offers a wide range of models - straight loads, slant loads and livestock trailers. Some with dressing room and some without. Many models are available in both bumper pull and gooseneck versions.  The list of standard features is impressive. Equally impressive is the construction.


A trailer needs a strong foundation to last. Frontier trailers feature tube frame construction. That is, the main frame rails, wall posts and roof bows are strong 4-sided aluminum tubing. (4-sided tubing? Aren’t all trailers built that way? No. Some brands have chassis components of angle or 3-sided channel. Moving up to wall supports, some brands have 3-sided “hat” cross-section posts, which use the trailer skin as the 4th side. Some use angle, which has 2 legs. They’re all acceptable when properly engineered, but tubes offer excellent resistance to bending and twisting.)   Frontier floor cross-members are substantial aluminum I-Beams.  Another impressive Frontier feature is the standard floor of extruded ALUMINUM planks. In the Frontier price range, an aluminum floor is often a pricey option. We’re very impressed by the construction of these trailers. Hopefully you can see why from the pictures above.


The model that really grabbed our attention is the Ambassador 67, pictured above. It’s a wide & tall 2H straight load with tack room. The “67” in the model name refers to the 67 inches from the nose to the back wall of the tack area. The broad-V nose design cuts the air efficiently while offering a large & usable space in the tack room. As you might expect, that tack room is equipped with saddle racks & bridle hooks and a lockable door, What you might not expect are the standard blanket bar and brush tray, two windows in the nose, another in the door and yet another window in the rear wall to allow air to flow through to the horses. That’s a lot of windows. And that’s just the tack area…


The Ambassador 67 has an abundance of windows in the horse area, too. All standard. The outward view is so panoramic, we like to say this trailer has “all around” windows. (And each window opens, so you get light AND VENTILATION.) To get this many windows on many brands, you’d have to order 4 to 8 optional windows. Also standard on the Ambassador 67 are two wide escape doors and running boards for convenient entry & exit.  The Ambassador 67 features a body width of 6’8”, interior height of 7’6” and a horse area about 11.5’ in length. (And please note, about 3.5 feet of that space is forward of the breast bars, so those big horses will plenty of body AND head space.)


The ramp has an effective spring assist and there’s a hinge cover so your horses will have a smooth transition from ramp to trailer and vice versa. Smooth-riding Dexter torsion axles are standard (and if you know axles, you know Dexter is THE brand in the opinion of many), as are radial tires and brakes on all wheels. Running lights are bright, long-lasting LEDs. All good stuff.


The Ambassador 67 offers great features at a great price, but for folks who don’t need quite as much tack space or just want a more compact trailer with separate tack storage, Frontier offers the Ambassador 44, pictured above. The “44” refers to the 44 inch tack room. With the Ambassador 44, you get the large horse area of the Ambassador 67, but with a compact tack area in place of the 67’s huge tack space. As standard, the 44 comes with one escape door instead of two and it has a few less windows than the 67, but it’s still a well-equipped trailer, built to the same standards as the Ambassador 67. Even with the optional second escape door (as we normally order it and as shown above),the Ambassador 44 is very affordable and offers great value.


As we prepare this “new to Traveled Lane” writeup, the Frontiers we have in stock are straight loads. Frontier offers several roomy and well-equipped slant loads as well. Pictured above are some Frontier slant load models. (At least initially, we’re using factory-provided pictures for the slant loads and livestock models.) The model on the left is the Strider 3H slant. The Strider series is available in 2 and 3 horse floor plans. The Striders feature drop feed windows on the head wall, a vent over each stall and windows in the rear doors and on the butt wall. Tack room with saddle racks and bridle hooks is standard. Standard height in the slant loads is 7’, while retaining the 6’8” body width of the models mentioned earlier. Aluminum tube frame and extruded aluminum floor are also standard. The model on the right is a Colt 2H slant stock combo. Colts are also available in 2 and 3 horse models. The Colt has drop feeds on the head wall and livestock-type air gaps on the butt wall and rear gate. Whereas the Strider slants have smooth aluminum skin, the Colt stock combos have extruded aluminum planks on the lower exterior walls and smooth aluminum skin on the upper. All Frontier horse trailer models have heavy duty wall liners for the protection of your horses and your trailer investment.

If you’re looking for solid construction, you’ll get that with Frontier. If you want plenty of convenience and safety features, Frontier trailers have them. And to top it off, they’re extremely affordable. Make it a point to stop by and check them out! Or give us a call for more information.
(Please note, some trailers shown are equipped with options. Also, in case you’re wondering why we don’t show prices on our website, it’s because a lot of online attention-getter prices don’t really reflect the price you’ll pay for a trailer with all the features you might like or need. When we quote a price, it’s for a sensibly equipped, ready-to-use trailer, so we ask that you call for pricing so we can explain what’s included. We’ll answer your questions, but you won’t get a hard-sell sales pitch. Honest!)


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